Blend the best of Instructor Led and Online Training methodologies.

VAS provides the convenience offered by a computer-aided learning environment, combined with the human social interaction available in a face-to-face classroom.
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Business Simulators
We use the ‘Simtuitive’ business simulation platform during our VAS sessions. Simulators ensure the learners get to apply their learning.
Learners can experiment on the Simulator without worrying about the repercussions. The best learnings are almost always from our mistakes. It’s okay to make mistakes on Simulators!
Virtual Access to
Subject Matter Experts
There are limitations in the Self-Learning model. Not everything can be learnt by watching videos. Unfortunately, most of the online learning is Video-based. It would be best if you had assistance through your Learning Journey.
That’s why we have Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) during milestone events guiding you through the obstacles and challenges you face in the real world and the Simulation.
Our SMEs are industry professionals with years of experience. Expect to hear practical solutions from them.
that matter!
Six skills that can have a powerful impact on your career.
Business Skills
Business skills enhance your success rates significantly. Understand the dynamics of business in this course series.
Process Skills
Process skills include observations, experimentation, predictions, inferences and classifications.
Selling Skills
Selling skills will help you in all aspects of life. Possibly, this is the only recession proof skill in the world. There will always be a need for sales folks.
Technical Skills
Everyone today is expected to have a minimum amount of technical skills. This series of courses is what you need to stay ahead of your game in the VUCA world.
Social Skills
In a world where face-to-face interactions are reducing, social skills become all the more relevant and vital. Explore the skill that makes you get things done.
Cognitive Skills
Also called as ‘Core Skills’, courses in this series are designed to make you think, learn, remember & reason.
Advantages of
Pedagogical richness
Our VAS sessions help learners acquire skills and knowledge using self-paced simulation content and then use the precious virtual face-to-face sessions to focus on application, doubt clarification and milestone reviews.
Improved scheduling efficiencies
With VAS, the Learning and Development staff can schedule multiple sessions in a manner that mitigates the challenges arising out of geographical time zones.
Virtual connect sessions with facilitator
The human interaction element of workplace blended learning is “linked with more active behavioral engagement, higher cognitive engagement and stronger and more positive emotional engagement."
Increased reach
Our VAS sessions provide an opportunity to reach a large, globally dispersed audience at a rapid pace.
Social interaction
Learners can interact with other participants, and discuss ideas and concepts during the virtual connect sessions.
Self-paced online simulation content
Learners have access to our self-paced online simulation content any time, anywhere.
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